Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Burning off some energy!

Elliot has taken down RSV!  You can tell she is feeling better and we got the camera out a few nights ago to document it.  She has started to do a hybrid scoot/army crawl.  She lays on one shoulder, sticks the other arm out as far as she can and then pushes with her feet.  We have a few videos that show it.  We also have one of her jumping her little heart out in her "bouncy"!  Enjoy!

We will post some of her Valentine's pictures in the next couple of days.

Friday, February 13, 2009

R to the S to the V

That is what we are dealing with...  She started wheezing today, so Jennie took her back to the doctor (thanks Angie!) where she was diagnosed with RSV.  So now it is breathing treatments and antibiotics.  She has been a trooper though all of this, but we are ready for it to be over.  Here are a few pictures from today (yes, the second one is from today, sometimes I don't think she knows she is sick!).
Here is little Maverick getting ready for the Highway to the Danger Zone...

Hey guys, am I supposed to be sick or something?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day Four - Doctor's Office

Elliot has an ear infection and an upper respiratory infection.  Jennie stayed home from work with her today and basically had to hold her all day.  Then tonight she threw up all over both of us and she still has a fever.  This week of blogging Elliot's life didn't really go as planned as she is the sickest that she has ever been.  I think we will take a break for a couple days and see if that turns things around for us.  Call us if you want an update and please keep praying for her.  

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 3 - Sick Baby

Last night was pretty long.  It seemed like she woke up every two hours.  She couldn't breathe very well and so she was very restless.  We headed off to Ms. Angie's house with the agreement that Mom would leave work early if she got worse.  Elliot had a good day with her friends and she never got any worse, so Daddy picked her up after work.  Once we got home you could tell that she didn't feel very well.  She just moaned.  It was so sad, but cute at the same time (see video below).  When Mom got home she gave Elliot a steam bath to try to loosen up her lungs.  No such luck....  And she has a fever around 100, so it looks like it will be another long night...  We will see what tomorrow holds.  Please pray that she gets better!

***In response to the question in the comments from yesterday, she loves the shopping cart, which the carrot is a part of.  She just loves everything about it.  We can't wait until she can push it around.***

Elliot's first steam bath

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day Two - Sitting up and Spitting up

First off, Daddy is feeling much better.  Elliot, however, still can't shake her little cold.  She is coughing and you can hear the mucus rattling around in her little lungs.  It is so sad...  At one point she was trying to cough up mucus and in turn, threw up her whole bottle (thus the second half of the title)!  Fun times... We are preparing for a long night...

But that didn't keep her from having another fun day with Mommy!  They played all day, which is good b/c Mommy is back to work for the next two days.  Below are some pictures of their day together.

Elliot needed a bath after the bottle incident!

Eating a plastic carrot and playing with her shopping cart.  She loves that thing!
And finally, what you have all been waiting for...  The big girl sitting up!  She can also wave too, and she does it a little bit here, but hopefully we will be able to catch her doing it better. Thanks for stopping by, we will be back tomorrow with tales from Ms. Angie's house!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Day One - All Grown Up

Daddy and Elliot both have a cold, so the update will be a little shorter tonight.  

Today was a girl's day, as Elliot and Mommy got to hang out all day together.  She is getting so big!  She can sit up on her own and wave (we will get to that later in the week).  She is also rolling all over the place.  Here are some pictures from the past couple weeks, along with some from today.  

Elliot eating a teething biscuit

Mommy and Elliot before church

Elliot playing hide and seek in her hamper


Nap time with her booty in the air
Tune in tomorrow to see how well she is sitting up on her own!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Coming Soon...

The purpose of this blog is to keep people up-t0-date that can't see Elliot on a regular basis.  We have been doing a terrible job, so to reward your patience, you will be treated to "A Week in the Life of Elliot"!  Starting tomorrow, we will update the blog every day for a week.  She has lots of new tricks and she can't wait to share them with you!