Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Don't Know

Here is a video of Elliot reading a book to Elmo. It features my new favorite phrase, which is "I don't know." She says it when you ask her a question that she doesn't know, oddly enough... It is really cute. You can also tell in the video how excited she is for her birthday. We sing Happy Birthday at least 50 times a day and she always ends blowing the candles out. She will be ready on July 2nd!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

23 months...

Elliot is 23 months old and she is so big! She is talking (and singing) really clearly now. Her hair is getting really long. She has molars in on the top and bottom (her teeth come in slow!). She is really into doing everything herself. She loves orange juice (we have to hide it so she won't see it in the fridge). She still loves outside, but she is afraid of bugs. Such a girl!

She loves to sing. She is a little songbird that always has a song in her heart. Her setlist varies every day, but it usually consists of "Jesus Loves Me" "ABC's" and "Old MacDonald". She even made up a new song this week about her water wings for the pool. It goes,
Water Wings
Water Wings
Water, Water, Water Wings.
She made it up all on her own! I will try to record all of her songs (like a concert) and put it up here, but we all know how good at blogging I have been lately.

She is also talking a ton. Her new thing is "What (or Who) is missing?" If it is just Daddy and Elliot in the car she says, "Who we missing?" And I'll say "I don't know, Who?" And she'll say "Mommy!" Or when she is doing one of her puzzles and she is missing a piece she will ask what's missing. You get the picture, it is really cute.

She also said "Love you Mommy" to Jennie last week spontaneously. It was the first time that she said it first.

She is obsessed with her birthday. You ask her when it is and she says July 2nd. She is always singing Happy Birthday and making pretend cakes for us that we have to blow the candles out on. I'm afraid she is going to be crushed when her birthday is over.

She is very proud of her name and doesn't want you to call her anything else. If you say, "Are you a silly girl?" She'll say, "No, I Ellie Grace Jackson!"

Elliot and Daddy always have cuddle time after her baths. And then she runs around the house like a "naked bird"! She will ask, "I run naked bird?"

We took her to her first movie at the theatre (the new Shrek) and she was good...until her snacks ran out. Then she got pretty bored. It was pretty funny when Shrek said something, then the theatre was quiet and she said, "Oh Shrek..." Need to work on those movie manners.

Here she is in her chair just being cute...
Starting to work on that swing a little early! Looks like we got a switch hitter on our hands. Don't worry, I only make her practice for 2 hours in the morning and an hour after her nap...

She loves swimming, water, and anything that has to do with outside. Here she is in her little pool for the back yard. She loves going to the park so much that she would go everyday no matter the weather. We have to tell her the reasons why she can't go, so now, when we drive by the park she says, "Too winy (windy), Too cold" even it isn't windy or cold!