Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bedtime Story

Today we told Elliot we would be taking a special trip in a few weeks.  She pondered what this could mean and where we were going........

We told her we wouldn't be riding on the big airplane this time, and she wondered how we were going to get there and still was curious about where we were going.......

Elliot was shocked to hear we would be driving for over 6 hours to reach our destination!!!!!

But then we told her we were going to Amarillo to see Aunt Bubzees, Uncle Dub, Aunt Missa, Aunt "B", Aunt Jamie, Uncle Thomas, cousin Malachi, Minnow, Mema, Aunt Pam, Dofey, Stephie, and lots more friends!!!! 

And...........BUNNY, NONNI, and POPS!!!!!!  Yeah!!!!!  Elliot could not hide her excitement.....

Elliot can't wait to get to Amarillo to see everyone, but all this excitement wore her out.  Sweet dreams little baby.

More pics......

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pig Tails!

We tried to do something with Elliot's crazy hair and the results are below...  Pig tails!  We thought we got better pictures, so, sorry you can't see her face.

                                         Another Hair Experiment.  The Birthday Candle! 

Nonni and Pops came to visit this weekend and here is Pops burping Elliot.  He has his own distinct style, but it works...

Ten Bears in the Bed and the Little One Said...



Thursday, September 11, 2008

Getting Bigger!

Sorry it has been so long!  Here are some more pictures.  As you can see, she took in her first Ranger game!  She is getting so big and smiling a lot more.