Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sorry Charleigh!

I can't believe that the last time I blogged was before Christmas! With Elliot we were blogging like crazy before she was born, but we have not been as good with Charleigh. Oh well, sorry sweet girl...

On that note, Charleigh will be here within the week! The latest she will come will be April 7th, but hopefully she will come on her own before that. Elliot keeps saying that it will be April 2nd, so we will see! Elliot is so excited to meet Charleigh and we can't wait to see them together! I will be better about blogging once she gets here, I promise!

Now for the update on Elliot. She is ridiculously smart and amazes us everyday with what she says and what she is able to do. She can recognize every letter and can count to 40. Her vocabulary is off the charts. She always talks in complete sentences and she uses big words that make us laugh. When we go see Jennie at work and look at the babies she always says "Those babies are adore-able!" and she will say "Dad you're embarrasin' me!" It is really funny. She has such a fun and ornery personality. She loves playing doctor and calls me Dr. Daddy and brings me patients (her stuffed animals) to see with what she calls a look-a-scope (an old stethoscope of Mommy's). We got her a little doctor kit and she knows all about blood pressure and shots. We asked her what smart means and she said, "It means you're right" and if we ask her where she learned something she says "I just learned it up." I'm sure that she is doing a lot of other funny stuff that I am forgetting so those of you that are around her alot feel free to add to the list in the comments. Here are a few pictures to hold everyone over until Charleigh gets here. T-minus 7 days and counting!

My very favorite picture taken by Uncle RyRy on her trip to Houston. It captures her personality perfectly!

Making a snow angel

Daddy and Elliot making a snow man. We waited a little long to get out and play, so our snow man ended up being a little small.
Relaxing and being cute!
We got out the baby stuff for Charleigh and Elliot found her old tub and calls it her boat.