Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Courtesy Laughter

Elliot is working on her courtesy laughing in case she finds herself in a socially awkward situation...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday!

I can't believe it, but Elliot is one!  It has been both a long year and a fast year, all at the same time.  She is such a big girl now!  She is walking (video to come later this week), she is talking up a storm and she has such an awesome personality.  She is so much fun!  She is 50th percentile in weight, 90th in height, and 95th in head size (that explains why she is so smart!).  She is just now getting her first teeth and it hasn't been too much trouble, so hopefully it will be relatively pain free...

We decided to have her birthday party in Amarillo, close to most of our family.  Aunt Bubz and Uncle Dub were great hosts.  Elliot was a bit under the weather the day before but she was a real trooper for party time.  Thank you to everyone who sent a card or a gift, she was very blessed!  

Here are some party pics from our camera...

Elliot and Daddy starting to open presents
Elliot checking out her new book (she loves books!)
Another cool present!

Pretty Girl
Here she is wearing her B-Day tutu and party hat
Not too sure what to think of this cake thing...
I guess I'll try it...
I could get used to this!
We will try to update more this week.  We have more vacation pictures and some walking and laughing videos that we will post.  Hope everyone has a great week!