Sunday, January 18, 2009

More Christmas Pictures, Courtesy of Ryan Jackson Photography

Here are some pictures that Uncle Ry Ry took at Christmas.  As always, if you would like to inquire about his services, please check out his blog.

Friday, January 9, 2009

And We're Back.....

Elliot's first Christmas was a lot of fun.  Before we packed up to head to Amarillo, we had a small family Christmas at our house.  Elliot got her "Santa" present about 2 months ago, so we just gave her a couple of small things.  
The tip of the iceberg!
We arrived in Amarillo on the Sunday before Christmas to sub freezing temperatures.  No fun!  But in true A-town fashion, it warmed up in time for Christmas.  We spent Christmas day at the Jackson household.  We had 22 people in the house at one time.  Yikes!!

Elliot tearing into a present at Nonni and Pops
Cute family picture...

On the 26th, we had the Allen family Christmas.  Or day two of Operation:  Spoil Elliot!  It was lots of fun, and wrapped up with a mean game of Cranium (which Jennie and I won!).

Elliot taking on a present at Bunny's house
Of course, on the day we left to come back home, the weather turned again.  This time it was Elliot's first snow!  I'm not sure she knew what was going on, but she did know it was cold.

Who needs a coat when you have this kickin' hat and mittens?

Elliot rockin her new stylish boots
Elliot did roll over a few times while we were in Amarillo (once sans clothes and diaper).  But since we have been home she has been rolling over more often and is even sitting up on her own (kind of).

Getting a little wobbly here guys...

Elliot playing in her new bath tub with her Elmo fishing rod

Elliot has also started to eat food.  Mom is even making some for her.  Here is a picture of Elliot in her new high chair (she got lots of new things) and enjoying some squash.

Really enjoying it...
So that is the latest updates, we will try to be better about posting.  Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!