Thursday, April 29, 2010

Easter Pictures

I know it is a month late, but here are our Easter pics. Saturday night we colored eggs and Sunday after church we had some family over for an Easter Egg Hunt for Elliot. She had a blast!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Play Park!!!!

Elliot's favorite thing to do is play outside and now that it is getting warmer, we find ourselves outside quite a bit. We live about a block away from a park and she loves to go and play on the toys and the swings. She calls it "play park" and she is always asking us if we can go to "play park". I was able to get it on video, so here is my interview with Elliot about what she likes to do at the park...

Quick aside, whenever she wants us to do something (or to get her something), she grabs our hand and pulls us and says "Tum on Daddy" (Come on Daddy) and walks us to where she wants us to go. It is so cute and I'm trying to get her to say it at the end of this video. But she doesn't really cooperate...