Sunday, October 24, 2010

Go Rangers and Other Awesome News!

A lot has happened since my last post, but the coolest thing is the Texas Rangers playoff run. I would like to say that it has been fun, it has, but it is also very stressful! I am so happy that the Rangers have made it to the World Series. There are a lot of great people that work there and deserve to be a part of something like this. A lot of people have asked me how I feel about the Rangers going to the World Series a year after I left, and honestly, I couldn't be happier for the following reasons: 1) this wouldn't have happened if I would have stayed (I keep telling myself this) 2) I have gotten to spend a lot more time with Elliot than I would have if I still worked there, especially since the playoffs cause you to work long hours 3) I would have had to work every game instead of getting to enjoy them 4) I still have many great friends that work there, which allow me great benefits, like playoff tickets! (I got to attend ALDS Game 3, ALCS Game 2, and I will be going to World Series Game 3). So while it would be nice to get a World Series ring, I know that I am in the right place and I know that I am still part of the Rangers' family.

ALDS Game 3 vs. Tampa Bay

ALCS Game 2 vs. New York

The Game 2 crew (Ryan, Chad, Wes, and Jordan) I don't know why the flash didn't work.

The siblings at Game 2

I have also created a little Ranger fan. Elliot can name about half the roster, but her favorite is the manager, Wash. He is the only one that she can identify every time on TV, she will say, "There's Wash!" If fact, one night when the game was on, I was trying to get her to brush her teeth. She didn't want to, then she saw Wash on TV and I told her, "Wash wants you to brush your teeth." and she said, "OK!" And she let me brush her teeth. Talk about a motivator!

She has stayed up for the last two celebrations and she loves to watch them get excited. She asks tons of questions too. The other day she was playing in the living room when someone said "Cliff Lee" on TV and she stopped and said "Cliff Lee! Go Rangers!"

Here is a video of Elliot talking about the Rangers. She says she likes Wash, Vlad, Mike, and Josh, then she kind of loses her train of thought. I think you can understand everything after that. After she says "Win the World Series!" she goes into 'play mode' and starts talking about a game she was playing before we started recording. Her imagination is awesome!

As you can see in the video, Elliot is in big girl panties! She decided she wanted to start potty training at the end of August and she picked it up very quickly. She hasn't had very many accidents, and even though we put a diaper on her at night, it is dry 9 times out of 10 when she wakes up. And, we really wanted her out of diapers because....

Baby #2 is on the way! Our due date is April 6 and we are very excited! Elliot is also excited about being a big sister and she says she is going to ask God for a sister. She talks to Mommy's belly too! It is so sweet.