Sunday, April 15, 2012

Charleigh is one!

I can't believe that Charleigh is already one! The year has flown by! She is such a good baby. She is so sweet. She is always giving open mouth kisses to everyone. She loves her sister and looks up to her more than anyone. Her first word was "A-yet" which translates to Elliot and she always has to know where Ell is and what she is doing. Elliot is just as sweet with her too! Always looking out for her. They are so much fun.

Char is also walking so she is in to everything. I think she may be the smallest walking person on earth! To go with her sweet side, she has an ornery side. If you turn your back on her she will bolt to some where she isn't supposed to be. She is talking quite a bit now too. She loves puppies (they are her rock stars). She just has the funniest personality. There will be lots of fun silly years to come with these two girls!

Here are some pictures of Char's party and I'm out of practice so the pictures are out of order.


AFTER!!!!! (please note the arm of the chair that she "painted")
Sweet sisters waiting for cake
Sweet one year old
Char's favorite present
Birthday Girl
Miss Piggy's cookies and Char's smash cake
Enjoying her favorite meal! Spaghetti! This girl can eat. She eats whatever we put in front of her
Little walker
Pretty girl
Showing off her owwy (and her tough face)
Such a happy baby
I will try to get an Easter post up soon. I promise it will be before 6 months from now!


The Clements Crew said...

Thanks for posting, I LOVE all the pictures!! Char is getting so big, and her eyes are beautiful in all the pics. I was watching old videos of Elliot from the blog earlier today. It's so fun to look back when she was so little. Love those sweet girls!!

Pam said...

I love these girls!!! Such sweet pictures. :)

Our Family said...

Hey guys! I just was going through blogs I used to read (you know, back when I had so much time to do that!) and came across this post! I think about you guys often as we sit on our leather couch you guys gifted us so long ago and wonder how you've been! I miss your sweet family and am glad to see y'all doing so well. I am so in love with your girls - they are precious! One day when we are back in Texas we need to figure out how to meet up! Love you guys!